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Blogs / 10.09.2021

How to stop the hospitality crisis becoming your crisis

Food plays a critical role in rebuilding health and minimising the time a patient spends in hospital – and yet it’s getting increasingly difficult to deliver fresh, tasty meals because of a shortage of skilled kitchen staff.

The UK is in the grip of a hospitality skills crisis with thousands of catering positions unfilled; everywhere you go you see ‘chef wanted’ notices in restaurant and café windows. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg - less visible kitchens like those in hospitals and residential care settings are finding it even harder to attract staff. When even Michelin-starred restaurants are struggling to get a kitchen team together, who would think to look for vacancies in the healthcare sector?

The bottom line is that hospital and residential care kitchens won’t be able to carry on nurturing patients if this crisis continues. Patients and residents can need nourishment around the clock; ‘closing early’ due to staff shortages just isn’t an option.

It’s time to rethink the traditional kitchen-based healthcare foodservice and look elsewhere for your chef expertise.

Why not hand over the headache of finding skilled chefs to us?

Our Steamplicity micro-steaming dining system is created by our chefs at our Cuisine Centres and delivered to you ready to cook. We’ve invested time, effort and ingenuity into recruiting, building and retaining a flourishing team of highly experienced chefs. We work hard to keep every position filled with the skills we need – so you don’t have to.

Our Cuisine Centre team understands the specific needs of patients and residents far better than any casual catering cover you might end up bringing into your kitchen. Our expert chefs work closely with our dieticians to create meals packed with essential nutrition that patients and residents actually want to eat. We’ve listened to our diners, and designed our menu with their favourites in mind, from traditional comfort foods like shepherd’s pie to light bites to tempt tiny appetites – plus finger food options to encourage those living with dementia to take nutrition on board. Our Cuisine Centre chefs keep a constant eye on dining trends and bring this inspiration into their work, so our Steamplicity menu reflects what patients and residents like to eat at home and when out.

Choosing Steamplicity means the end of your kitchen staffing worries. In fact, by moving to our cook-serve ward-based foodservice system you can decommission your kitchen all together, freeing up space and budget for other priorities. You’ll go from operating on a knife edge, always wondering how you’re going to deliver healthy meals for patients and residents, to a simple set up where anyone can freshly steam cook a tasty balanced meal for diners within five minutes.

With Steamplicity, you get all the expertise of industry-leading chefs without any of the stress of recruiting and retaining them. To find out more about how our micro-steaming food system can solve your hospitality crisis, get in touch to arrange a time to talk through the options with one of our experts.

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