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NHS Trusts / 16.11.2017

Drop4Drop we’re making a real difference

In early September Steven Cenci, our Healthcare Managing Director, along with Andrew Jones, Healthcare Retail Managing Director, and Davinder Atwal, Contract Director, visited Uganda to see the fresh water wells funded by the charity with Drop4Drop.

Medirest and the Healthcare retail team have been supporting Drop4Drop through sales of bottled water over the last 2 years. Davinder joined the trip as his contract at Sherwood NHS trust saw the greatest contribution to this campaign in the first year. During the visit, the group were able to see the location for the next clean water project funded by Medirest, the 8th of its kind in the last twelve months!

The next clean water well will be for the community in Bukula in the Mpigi District of Uganda. The community currently relies on the nearby pond to drink, eat and wash with. Inevitably, many residents suffer from frequent illnesses due to the contaminated water, which takes time out of education and employment. Large portions of family’s incomes are spent on health and hospital bills, and by installing this clean water well many economic and health burdens will be alleviated.

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