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NHS Trusts / Senior Care / 07.08.2019

High-quality UK food ingredients at the heart of Steamplicity’s success.


Steamplicity is a unique cooking system which steam-cooks fresh food to perfection in minutes.

The secret lies in the packaging system and valve that are exclusive to Compass Group. These control the release of steam during cooking and are the key components in consistently delivering high quality meals. The valve works with a broad range of raw ingredients from fresh, crispy, colourful vegetables to succulent chicken and seafood with no added ingredients. As the steam builds up, the food cooks by locking in the flavour and goodness – ensuring perfection every time.

However, every cooking technique is as good as the ingredients you use and this is why  we insist on sourcing the freshest ingredients. We use UK grown vegetables when in season, provided only by Compass Group’s approved suppliers, and delivered to us on a daily basis, ensuring we can guarantee quality, freshness and food safety. Meals are assembled at our Cuisine Centre and then delivered direct to client sites. 

Steamplicity meals take just three to six minutes to cook, so they can be prepared just prior to service, allowing our teams to cater more precisely for the numbers on site offering the freshest meals just in time for serving.

Call Brooke Pinkney on 01822 813065 to talk about Steamplicity in your hospital.

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