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Senior Care / Private Hospitals / 17.11.2017

Our dedication to Dementia Awareness

Compass Healthcare has embraced the importance of dementia and has become a committed fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society.

We have raised £180,000 in the last two years, raising £76,000 in just one month during last December and over £26,000 this April.

Recently we announced our current campaign “The 100,000-mile pledge”, committing to complete 100,000-miles of fundraising activity with the objective of raising £1 for every mile during the months of August, September and October.

Over the past 3 years we have recognised the growing impact of dementia and have subsequently taken steps to understand it better and equip our teams to meet the challenges for those living with dementia within healthcare environments.

Compass has focused its approach in three specific areas: insight, training and fundraising.

In 2014 Compass Group sponsored a review of existing research into dementia in conjunction with Alzheimer’s Disease International and Kings College London. The 2015 Dementia Nutritional Report, highlighted the importance of nutrition to clinical progression of dementia and how this affects the nutritional status of individuals.

Compass also worked with researchers at Sheffield Hallam University reviewing research into taste changes and how nutritional intake can be influenced by environmental factors for individuals living with dementia.

It has also fundraised over £151,000 required for research being carried out by The Collins Clinical Fellowship, seeking to make vital steps into understanding this key problem and making recommendations so that people with both dementia and dysphagia can receive better care and improve their enjoyment of eating and drinking. Compass Healthcare also funds a PHD at the university of Southampton investigating the links to finger food and nutritional in older adults in acute care settings.

Compass has over 2500 dementia friends as team members and managers nationwide. The next step is a commitment to every team member within the organisation being a dementia friend through the inclusion of the training in all employee inductions.

As the business has become more dementia aware it has developed tools to support more effective delivery of catering services to those living with dementia through its Dignified Dining Toolkit.

This toolkit was created as a direct consequence of the research funded by Compass and provides solution around the Food, Service and Environment within healthcare settings. The toolkit also includes specific training developed by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Did you know £180,000
was raised in the last two years
for the Alzheimer’s Society

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