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NHS Trusts / Senior Care / 16.08.2019

Steamplicity improves patient experience and minimises capital outlay

We designed the Steamplicity concept to improve food and service standards and to increase patient satisfaction and evidence proves we made the right move. In an independent study comparing the relative food intake of patients eating Steamplicity and cook-chill food, the results showed that food consumption increased with Steamplicity meals by an average of 37%. Steamplicity meals have been described by patients as ‘excellent’, ‘superb’ and ‘first-class’. In blind-taste testing of a range of cooked vegetables with as much as a 30% preference expressed for Steamplicity vegetables.

All of the meals in the Steamplicity portfolio have been designed to meet patients’ nutritional needs: a full range of special diets can be provided, giving patients optimum choice and flexibility from à la carte menus, as well as catering for specific requirements such as diabetic, energy dense, soft and healthy diet choices.

But Steamplicity does not only bring benefits to patients.

The logistics advantages of using Steamplicity are obvious. Using nothing more than a refrigerator to store meals and microwaves to cook food to perfection, Steamplicity is particularly flexible in areas where there are no kitchen facilities or where space is limited. On top of this, capital outlay for equipment is lower than with conventional cooking methods; less energy is used in cooking and fewer people are needed to prepare meals. That means more money can be spent on good quality, fresh food for the plate – the ultimate way to ensure consumer satisfaction!

If you would like to start the conversation about the benefits of a Steamplicity food offer in your hospital  call Brooke Pinkney on 01822 813065 

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