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NHS Trusts / Senior Care / 17.06.2019

Steamplicity offers FM professionals a key lever to PLACE improvements whilst meeting budgetary demands

If you are a senior Facilities Manager in an NHS Trust you will be fully aware of the complex metrics involved in optimising your PLACE scores. The careful balance of providing privacy and dignity, top-class food, hydration, cleanliness, building maintenance, can be a major challenge.

Food and hydration is one of the key metrics in Patient Led Assessments of their care environments and we believe this is exactly where implementing a Steamplicity solution can support you in meeting these challenges and:

  • Increases patient dining choices
  • Improves food quality
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Saves energy
  • Minimises use of valuable real estate
  • Minimises capital investment requirements

In short, Steamplicity offers facilities professionals a completely flexible food service, providing high quality, great tasting food for on-demand patient feeding – Steamplicity saves you money and enhances patient experience.

Sounds too good to be true?

Currently a Steamplicity meal is served to a hospital patient every six seconds and delivers steamed food to perfection in just four to six minutes using minimal equipment. Our case studies clearly demonstrate labour costs, energy, space and capital investment are all reduced where Steamplicity is implemented.

We’d also welcome the opportunity to begin to understand your particular challenges and talk you through our case studies of how other FM professionals have implemented Steamplicity to support them in meeting their PLACE challenges, within budget.

A Steamplicity solution is straightforward to implement and is available under licence direct through NHS Supply Chain, making it easy for you to start introducing Steamplicity meals to patients.  

Steamplicity requires minimal investment, systems or equipment and can considerably reduce ongoing capital, energy and labour costs. If you are looking to improve your PLACE score by reviewing your patient food solution whilst optimising you FM budgets why not contact John Harvey, National Account Manager at

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