Senior Care /

White Oaks creates a home-from-home where residents and tenants are well fed, well cared for and feel safe.

What we do /

We understand the importance of nutrition and hydration for our resident and tenant population. We are partnered with over 150 care homes nationwide, providing food to over 5,000 residents and tenants each day.

We create tailored foodservice offers that are developed closely with our dietetics team to meet the specific meal requirements of your residents and tenants whilst still offering them choice and flexibility.

Our Offer /

The White Oaks operating model allows our clients to better manage their costs and inflation with our flexible workforce. We don’t stop at just at providing a great mealtime service but integrate with our clients teams to support additional care for their residents and tenants.  

Procurement only

Through leveraging our buying power and expertise in managing traceable supply chains our clients can also benefit from our supplier network. Delivering the freshest and most diverse produce available each day and at the very best value.

Procurement and Consultancy

As well as extending the benefits of our procurement resources our clients can access a depth of experience within our industry leading experts. We can support you in HSE compliance, food and dining audits, training as well as providing access to our Learning and Development courses. Furthermore, you also get access to The Source – our online recipe tool holding 15,000 recipes.

Fully managed services

Our experienced White Oaks team operate your food and beverage services to the high expectations of your residents, tenants and their family and friends. Creating a welcoming home style dining experience whilst taking care of menu development and dietetics, through to training and labour management.

Steamplicity & Esteem

An industry-leading patented approach towards reducing food wastage and providing the perfect flexible ‘out of hours’ catering support which consistently delivers nutritious, freshly cooked food.

Innovation /

We go above and beyond in proving residents and tenant centric mealtime solutions.

Our expertly designed menus and great tasting, seasonal food is not only looked forward to by residents and tenants but also their families and friends providing all the nutritional goodness to complement their care.

We’ve developed innovative catering options such as our Dignified Dining Toolkit for residents living with chronic conditions such as dysphasia and dementia and to help clients tailor their nutritional care. The introduction of blue plates provides a colour contrast for the food being served, alongside finger food options that can be eaten without cutlery and specific options for residents living with dysphasia. All of this is served in dining areas that help foster a sense of community and boost morale.