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Protecting patients, staff and visitors for a safe healthcare environment

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Keeping you safe

Our highly effective and responsive security staff are there to help your hospital function smoothly and safely. From a visible, reassuring presence, to unobtrusive camera surveillance, you can rely on us for intelligent, regulated security solutions.

At all times, our specialist teams work swiftly and efficiently with your staff to ensure the advice and healthcare security services they provide maintain a safe environment. Our priority is reducing security incidents, so that your staff have the freedom to look after patients and visitors without distraction.

Security with a human touch

We choose our hospital security personnel carefully and train them to handle the challenges of the healthcare environment with sensitivity and compassion. Whether it’s escorting patients and staff to their cars late at night, or diffusing a difficult situation in A&E, they never forget they’re working in a care setting.

We give our people specialised training in manual handling and dealing with conflict, so they can respond appropriately and swiftly to every event. Our patient-centric training also has a particular focus on how to empathetically support people living with a mental health condition.