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We think of ourselves as a business that has no assets except its people. We’re a caring team, committed to supporting everyone in healthcare settings – patients, visitors and professionals.

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Promoting wellbeing in health and social care

We know that healthy and appetising food is important to all the people who pass through the doors of hospitals, care homes and restaurants. We take great consideration into how we can positively impact the lives of the healthcare communities we support and we know that health and wellbeing is an area that our approach can impact.


Since our early engagement with the government’s Public Responsibility Deal in 2011 we have significantly reduced sales of high fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar products across our healthcare business and provide healthier alternatives by working with our partner retail brands. All our foodservices and vending machines are now GBS compliant and where possible we have voluntarily gone beyond what is required to embody best practise.

Blueberries, a few banana slices, half a kiwi, a strawberry, grapes, oats and trail mix

Food and menu innovations


Our hot meal offer that is under 500kcals low in fat, sugar and salt and includes one of your five a day.


The toolkit was developed to help clients tailor nutritional care for people living with dementia. We also introduced blue plates that contrast the colour of food and finger food options that can be eaten without cutlery.


We funded through an educational grant an independent study with The Patients Association to understand patient attitudes, experiences and priorities to patient dining. The findings and recommendations were published in the “Patients First” report with 16 recommendations which are now being translated into an auditing tool for our Patient Dining teams to enhance mealtimes.

A man and two women preparing vegetables in a commercial kitchen

Health and Safety Policy

Taking care of the health and safety of our people, our client’s teams, patients and visitors is essential to the success of our business.


We’ve created a culture that takes safety seriously and follows the strictest regulatory requirements, reviewing our own policies and standards every year, we make sure our people have the tools they need to do their job safely.


An exemplary record on food hygiene, ensuring food is safe to eat with clearly signposted allergens.

Our Sustainability

Making a positive difference in society is an important part of what we do. There are many things we do in healthcare to foster a more sustainable way of living and working. Here’s just a taste of what we’ve achieved.

Dementia friends programme /

An initiative created to change people’s perceptions of dementia and aims to transform the way we think about the condition. To date 2,530 of our healthcare colleagues have completed the training.

Making a difference in the community /

Our teams have raised over £151,555 for Alzheimer’s Society to help fund ground breaking research into dysphagia.

Sourcing and traceability /

We love tracing our products from farm to fork so our clients have can be confident of our food’s safety and quality.

Water wells /

Life Water and Smart Water sales fund the delivery of clean drinking water to communities in need. Through their partner charity drop4drop, Medirest has funded more than a dozen wells in India, Mozambique and Uganda.

We increased sales by


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We will remove


Kilograms of sugar from our
regular meal deal by cutting out
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KCALS meals
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