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Support services for the healthcare industry

Compass Healthcare provides a wide range of specialist support services to a diverse set of clients, including public health (NHS), private hospitals, senior care, and assisted living facilities.

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Delivering vital support in the UK

At Compass Healthcare, our services include but are not limited to patient catering and staff catering, hospital cleaning, security, logistics and helpdesk services and steamplicity, our 24-hour patient meal delivery system. With a focus on delivering high-quality and innovative solutions, we are always committed to meeting the needs of each and every client we serve.

Public health sector services

With decades of experience supporting NHS Trusts across the UK, we're the ideal partner to help you deliver stronger, more robust services and better patient outcomes. Our Medirest NHS service prioritises patient well-being in all of its operations, including:

  • Steamplicity - a patient meal delivery system that provides hot, nutritious, freshly cooked meals to patients and residents, reducing wastage and contributing to improved recovery rates.
  • Logistic and helpdesk services - with MV2 Logistics and Pulse Helpdesk, we can ensure efficient coordination of hospital resources and excellent patient experiences.
  • Hospital security - we utilise highly effective and trained security staff to create safe and secure environments for patients, staff, and visitors.
  • Retail services - our healthcare retail services create the spaces staff, visitors, and patients need to refuel, relax, and refresh.

To learn more about Medirest services for public health, visit Medirest Public Health.

Private healthcare tailored to suit your needs

Our Medirest Signature draws from our healthcare heritage to provide tailored hospital support services for the private healthcare market.  

We offer tasty, nutritious meals (hot and cold) which are cooked using fresh ingredients and served with a five-star level of service. We also provide several managed support services, including: 

  • cleaning
  • housekeeping
  • concierge
  • reception
  • security solutions. 

H4: Staff trained to the highest standard

Through our central Learning and Development team, we provide online courses for our employees to enhance their customer relationship skills and knowledge of the sector. It’s these personalised touches that patients expect in private health, and we're always happy to deliver!

We have an award-winning patient experience programme (Positive Impressions), which is aimed at enhancing patient satisfaction across 23 NHS partner healthcare Trusts, the senior living care home estate and private healthcare clients.

Senior care services

With over 25 active partnerships nationwide, our elderly care division provides quality nutrition and hydration for over 1,400 residents living in care homes and assisted living facilities. We achieve this by delivering a range of vital support services via our White Oaks operating model, including:

  • Tailored food services developed by expert dietitians to meet individual nutritional requirements whilst still offering choice and flexibility. 
  • Procurement services, which leverage buying power and expertise in supply chain management to deliver fresh produce at a great value.
  • Consultancy services for HSE compliance, food and dining audits, as well as training.
  • Innovative catering options, including our Dignified Dining Toolkit for residents living with Dementia.
  • Steamplicity and Esteem, our innovative approach towards reducing food wastage and providing flexible catering support for patients.
  • Expertly designed menus with seasonal food providing nutritional goodness for residents and their families.
  • Purpose-built dining areas, which help to foster a sense of community and home-like feel.

To learn more about our approach to senior care, visit our Senior Care and Assisted Living page.