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Responsible healthcare

Our ethos of good citizenship runs through everything we do, from how we treat our people to how we protect the planet. We play a leading role in helping NHS trusts and our communities to work towards creating a better society and fair working practices.

Our commitment to fair working practices

We believe treating our people fairly creates a workforce that will go the extra mile for patients and clinicians in the healthcare setting. This is why we’re leading the way in fair working practices in the food, hospitality and support services industry. We promote equal and fair pay and the appropriate use of zero hours contracts in all our healthcare settings. We also work hard to keep our pay rates in line with industry recommendations.

A nurse walking beside a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair

Reducing carbon emissions and food waste

By the end of 2030 we intend to achieve net zero by halving food waste, cutting back on plastic use, upping plastic recycling levels, using more recycled plastics and choosing 100% renewable electricity. We’re on track to meeting our industry’s commitment to cut the carbon and waste associated with food and drink by at least one fifth by 2025 and are proud to be part of the Compass commitment to sending zero waste to landfill.

All the food we serve is fully traceable and sourced in line with the Government Buying Standard. We currently buy 92% of our food from UK suppliers, and source 100% of our fresh beef, 95% of our fresh lamb and 83% of our fresh chicken from the UK and Ireland.

A place for everyone

We prioritise building an inclusive, diverse and supportive working environment, and use our diversity and inclusion network to make sure our commitments reach every one of our team members. Our Within network promotes cultural diversity, Pride in Food supports LGBTQ+ individuality and inclusivity, and our Woman in Food network creates a safe and welcoming environment for women.

Our inclusive approach means we support our people with mental health challenges with a tailored programme and we also support people with learning disabilities to maximise their confidence, independence and career aspirations.

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Opportunities for SMEs and social enterprises

We’re a large company that values what small and medium sized businesses can bring to our offering. Compass’ procurement division, Foodbuy, has over 600 SME suppliers listed with them that deliver over 1,200 different items to our UK business. We’re proud that Foodbuy was the first company in the food and drinks sector to join the Buy Social Corporate Challenge, a ground-breaking initiative uniting companies with a collective ambition to spend £1 billion with social enterprise suppliers. We work with charitable partnerships, too, with focuses on providing clean water wells around the world and helping the homeless community to become baristas.