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Medirest Compass Group service is putting patients and hospital communities 1st. It delivers performance with a heart as the UK's number 1 specialist support services provider to NHS and the healthcare market.

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Patient wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do

Medirest support services create positive environments to aid recovery and support the wellbeing of all who pass through our hospital doors. This is achieved through the provision of nutritious, appetising tasty meal choices to patients, fuelling workforces so they remain healthy and productive, supporting security services to maintain safe environments as well as helping clinicians to work efficiently through well managed logistical services.

NHS Catering Services


Mealtimes are a welcome distraction for a patient during a hospital stay providing familiarity and comforting favourite dishes like you would receive at home. More importantly mealtimes provide essential nutrition that can contribute to quicker recover rates and shorter bed stays.

With a low capital outlay the Steamplicity Patient Dining system gives hospitals the flexibility to provide hot, freshly cooked meals to patients and requires minimal space to deliver a mealtime service at ward level and reduces wastage of meals.  

Steamplicity is a micro steaming system that allows raw ingredients in meals to be freshly cooked in less than 5 minutes and immediately served to patients – at any hour of the day or night. The Steamplicity Patient Dining menu includes over 25 hot meal options including smaller portions, finger foods and blue dining plates to help people living with dementia or difficulties using cutlery.

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Compass NHS Cleaning Services


With the focus on minimising hospital-acquired infections, people always look at how clean a healthcare facility is. A clean, well-maintained healthcare facility is necessary to provide the required background to good standards of hygiene and infection control. This also inspires confidence in the facility’s commitment to providing a safe, high standard of care to patients, staff and the public.

Compass NHS healthcare cleaning services provide a feeling of safety and are scientifically measured, audited and delivered with the correct responsiveness a hospital requires.

Hospital Cleaning Services

Logistic and helpdesk services


The smooth running of your hospital depends upon efficient logistics and an effective control centre to handle issues day or night. It’s vital that resources are well coordinated so that everything is in the right place at the right time, and your clinical teams can deliver an excellent patient experience.

Mv2 keeps your hospital moving. Our patient porters and logistics coordinators help move people, oversee waste management, securely manage stocks and offer full security services. And our Pulse helpdesk provides a single point of contact, connecting patient and portering teams so that everything runs on time, in an ordered and consistent way.

Portering & Helpdesk Services


NHS Security Services

Whether it’s escorting patients and staff to their cars late at night or sorting out difficult situations, a hospital’s security team has a critical role to play.

We offer efficient and intelligent security solutions that create safe and secure environments for our patients, staff and visitors.

Our specialist teams work swiftly and efficiently with the hospital teams to ensure the advice and services they provide are the best they can possibly be.

Hospital Security Services

NHS Retail Services


Thousands of visitors pass through hospitals each day and just like patients, they need nourishment too. Retail services can provide welcome familiarity in an unfamiliar world. It provides recognised products and services that help staff, visitors and patients to Refuel, Relax and Refresh. Through partnering with well-known high street brands along with and own branded retail offers we provide welcome reassurance to customers and income to hospital trusts- a critical consideration for any healthcare provider. 

Retail & Staff Catering

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