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Healthcare Logistics for a Smooth-Running Hospital

Excellent patient flow is central to the patient experience you deliver and essential to the effective running of your hospitals. We understand how vital it is to get everyone and everything in the right place at the right time, so we’ve designed highly responsive hospital logistics, portering and helpdesk services that get the job done, smoothly and efficiently.

Supportive, Effective Hospital Portering Services

We keep your hospital moving, always on the alert to react quickly so we can do everything possible to support patient flow. Our hospital portering teams are the human face of hospital logistics, the often-unsung heroes of your healthcare setting, working with patients at times of real uncertainty. From a friendly chat on the way to x-ray, to reassuring an anxious patient heading up to the ward, our hospital porters always focus on what the individual needs in that moment.

A nurse walking beside a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair

Always-On Helpdesk Services

Our Pulse helpdesk system uses cloud-based technology to keep us responsive to your needs, helping you to optimise your clinical output. Using real-time dashboards fed by live data, our highly trained operators take ownership of a request and track its progress from beginning to end. At all times, they allocate resources to maximise efficiency.

Innovating for Excellence

Our cutting-edge approach to healthcare logistics delivers innovative portering services featuring real-time geo-allocation. A request coming into our Pulse helpdesk generates a push notification to the PDA device of the nearest porter. The clinician putting in the request gets an immediate acknowledgement and can then communicate directly with the responding team member. This smart use of resources keeps your operational efficiency high and improves the patient experience.

Leading Provider of Hospital Portering Services

At Compass Healthcare, we are proud to be a leading provider of healthcare logistics, portering, and helpdesk services for NHS and private hospitals. Our dedicated team of hospital porters ensures smooth operations within healthcare facilities, providing essential support to patients, staff, and visitors. With a focus on efficiency and excellent patient flow, we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment to enhance the overall hospital experience.