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Vital support services for healthcare providers

With expertise in catering, cleaning, logistics, retail, and security services, we are the perfect partner to help support NHS trusts, private hospitals, senior care, and assisted living facilities across the UK.

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Extensive industry experience

Compass Healthcare provides a wide range of innovative support services to meet the needs of each and every sector we serve. We pay close attention to the details and raise the bar for our clients to improve their patient care services. Our team includes a range of highly-regarded industry experts, including dieticians, and domestic infection control and culinary leads, who guide our service offering and help to ensure we’re leading service providers in the healthcare market.

High-quality catering services

Through our patient and resident catering service, we create meals designed to promote health, well-being and a balanced diet for NHS trusts, private hospitals, and senior living facilities. Each and every meal is freshly cooked, nutritious, and tailored to suit individual dietary requirements. Plus, 90% of our ingredients are sourced exclusively from the UK.

With a focus on nutrition and innovation, we're committed to delivering the highest standard of healthcare catering, with services that include patient electronic meal ordering, customer satisfaction survey systems, specialist diet provisions, and a dementia dining toolkit.

Healthcare logistics, portering, and helpdesk services

We understand how important it is to maintain operational control whilst ensuring high standards are met. That's why we’ve designed several highly responsive support services to help your organisation get the job done more smoothly and efficiently:

  • Smooth Patient Flow - We offer hospital logistics, portering, and helpdesk services to ensure everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time. This results in excellent patient flow, enhancing the overall patient experience.
  • Responsive Portering Services - Our experienced hospital porters provide friendly, compassionate, patient-centred care and reassurance during times of uncertainty, making them an essential part of any healthcare setting.
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support - Our Pulse helpdesk system uses cloud-based technology to provide responsive support, helping to optimise clinical output. Our highly trained operators take ownership of requests and track their progress from start to finish, ensuring efficiency at all times.

Retail catering services

At Compass, we offer a range of retail services for staff, visitors and patients, including hospital cafés, restaurants, and retail stores. Our outlets provide fresh and healthy food and drink options, with menus designed to meet healthy eating requirements. 

Our restaurants are much more than a place to eat. We create multi-functional spaces where staff can escape the clinical environment in a relaxing setting and host meetings in our dedicated meeting pods. We also run special calendar events and celebrate seasonality through our diverse menus. Additionally, we partner with high-street brands like Costa, M&S, and Subway, bringing familiar and comforting brands to healthcare settings.

Fully-trained hospital security

We also provide effective and responsive hospital security services to ensure a safe healthcare environment. Our security solutions include visible personnel, camera surveillance, and specialist teams who work with hospital staff to reduce security incidents. 

Our security personnel are carefully selected and trained to handle healthcare challenges with sensitivity and compassion, including specialised training in manual handling, conflict resolution, and supporting people with mental health conditions. We prioritise the safety of patients, staff, and visitors whilst always maintaining a human touch.

Hospital cleaning services

At Compass, we deliver high-quality hospital cleaning services that create a safe, clean, healing environment for patients and staff alike. Our a+ cleaning systems are proven and use advanced medical cleaning technologies to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

Our innovative cleaning services are designed to protect and exceed UK cleaning standards, with a network of cleaning and infection control leads to ensure compliance. We also work in close partnership with your clinicians and infection control leads, adapting quickly to ward-specific needs. 

We are always looking to advance cleaning through innovation, investing in new operational models, and exploring the use of advanced robotic technology to deliver the best clean possible.


Did you know we also offer a meal delivery system called Steamplicity, that provides freshly cooked patient meals that are both tasty and nutritious? Our team works closely with our clients to provide flexible and consistent meal solutions that meet their specific needs.

Patient dining

Our fresh steam-cooked food system enables patients to order nutritious meals during hospital meal times. However, our great-tasting food can also be ordered outside of the scheduled mealtime service, allowing patients who miss their meals due to treatment or poor appetite to still have a hot meal.

Staff and visitor dining

Choose from over 60 main courses and 20 vegetable sides plus reduce food waste by cooking meals to order in smaller portions.

Medirest Focus

NHS hospitals and treatment centres nationwide utilise Medirest Focus to deliver improved services, better patient outcomes, and more robust processes across a range of non-clinical functions, including cleaning, catering, and portering services.

This is achieved through the provision of health checks, comprehensive audits, change management, and bespoke projects.

Change management

Our qualified practitioners are experts in delivering organisational change and we have the scale, agility, and expertise to help you overcome any obstacles preventing you from delivering improved performance, resulting in service transformation.

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