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NHS Trusts / Private Hospitals / 22.12.2020

A reflection of 2020 with Managing Director, Steve Cenci

What a momentous year for Healthcare. Despite the challenge of a once in a lifetime pandemic which is still affecting all our lives as we race up to Christmas, I’ve never been prouder of what we do than right now.

Helping to save patients’ lives is a purpose that has guided us for many years, but Covid-19 has intensified our mission like never before. We’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with our NHS, Private Healthcare clients and Care professionals to keep patients and residents as infection free and well-nourished as possible during the virus peaks.

I’m delighted to say that we were able to support our brave frontline Healthcare Heroes too. Ensuring that our HC associates got the support they needed when they needed it most. Whether you’ve been serving or working in the NHS, Private Health or our Care sector we’ve done our best to support you and your clients.

It appears that vaccines are now coming on stream and the UK looks to be one of the first nations to roll out its mass vaccination program. I know you’ll join me in hoping that this signals the beginning of the end to this ominous period for our world.

When things do eventually return to some form of normality, I know we can all look back on our achievements with pride and a sense having ‘played our part’ in this struggle against the CV19 virus. It’s a fight which none of us will ever forget.

Have a peaceful and safe Christmas as we look forward to a brighter 2021 for us all.

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