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Private Hospitals / NHS Trusts / 21.05.2020

Five reasons to contract in expertise to manage non-core business operations

In the wake of the current global pandemic, we have seen tremendous pressure imposed on the private sector to work in synergy with the NHS to support and care for CV19 patients across the country. Here at Medirest we are looking to the future and holding discussions with our clients to implement effective and versatile post-lockdown strategies. One key area we feel is vital to observe and revise is your in-house operations.

A key benefit to insourcing expertise to take care of your non-core operations within the private sector, is that they have the potential to become a costly distraction. However, there are a number of more positive reasons to work with an external partner to improve your non-core business operations.

Maximise your revenue and control your costs

When you tap into the economies of scale available with a specialist supplier, you get the best price for your services. This allows you to run more cost-effectively, freeing up resources to direct towards the improvement of your services.

Get specialist centralised support for your business functions

The efficiencies don’t stop at simply bringing in an outside contractor for each service. With one external partner taking care of multiple non-core business operations, you can see a huge positive difference in each one, as teams support each other and work together effectively to manage issues and get the job done.

Hand over costly and complex compliance responsibilities

Regulations, such as allergen information or cleanliness standards, can be difficult to
meet, especially when you have to manage a range of functions outside your core areas of expertise. Working with a specialist external partner reduces your risk exposure and frees up your admin resources by handing over responsibility for areas such as health and safety or food hygiene.

Freedom from cash and accounts

Non-core business operations can often involve cash handling, this is certainly the case with a hospital restaurant, café or coffee shop. When you bring in external expertise to manage these functions, you avoid spending time managing payments and invoices, and redirect your resources towards more mission-critical tasks.

Bring the brands to your organisation

Working with a national external partner, who has unparalleled level of experience in your sector, is especially useful when it comes to the foodservice in your hospital. It gives you easy access to all the major food and drink brands, particularly when it comes to the world of coffee and the ability to offer customers the same quality they can expect on the high street.

Here at Medirest, we have been busy continuing to strategise and innovate on behalf of our clients and would love to speak with you to see if we can help you with our streamline and efficient insourced processes, tailored to your requirements.

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