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NHS Trusts / Senior Care / 19.02.2020

Making our customer king leads to 100% retention rate in 2019.

We are rightly proud of the fact that our client-centric approach leads us to retain on average over 98% of our contracts, and in 2019 we did even better, with a retention rate of 100%!

By gaining a full understanding of customers’ needs and then building our organisation in a way that means we can meet those needs exactly is a key to our success.

We have already written about the value of delivering performance with heart and our passion plays a big part in successful service delivery; but finding people with the passion within them is about recruiting the right people, fostering accountability at every level of the delivery chain, and incorporating the client’s view, all converge to form our client-centric approach.

Fundamental to our successful recruitment is that it is vocation-based . We know if we can find the right people with the right attitude and aptitude our investment in skills training can boost staff performance to optimal levels.

Working in hospitals is not like any other job: we need people who are passionate about helping patients and making their experience better. People who are engaged and motivated to perform efficiently in what can be a  highly stressful environment and are inspired to live our values.

After successfully attracting the right candidates , we retain and grow the skills we need to deliver value through a strong talent planning process, learning and development packages, specific skills and refresher training. Every team member receives two management reviews a year which incorporate career planning; we are proud to say that 80% of our apprentices go on to pursue a long career within the Compass Group.

Individual accountability comes down to understanding responsibilities and sharing information.

Every Medirest team member has very well-defined responsibilities and a clear understanding of the chain of authority. All our people can name the person accountable for their work area, and every one of these accountable people knows how to share information both up and down the chain to influence delivery. This tried and tested approach is baked into our onboarding processes.

Client feedback adds perspective in the delivery chain.

We prioritise the client view: from incorporating client feedback into our leadership development, to establishing regular contract reviews at an overall and site level.

As part of our alignment with clients, we embrace opportunities to work across inter-organisational boundaries and we share training with the NHS teams on cleaning, nutrition, medical control and safeguarding.  We also sit on external, national bodies that set industry policy and standards, and form part of NHS Improvement working parties — seeking out information beneficial to our contracts and transferring it into our systems and delivery to achieve better outcomes.

At every touchpoint our team members, throughout our business, seek to add value. In turn this means you can rely on Medirest to provide the best total value in fulfilling your Soft FM needs

Call Brooke Pinkney on 01822 813065 and she can send you case studies of how our client-centric approach translates into action and share with you our "Taking the Public Value Framework Forward document".



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