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Blogs / 26.11.2021

Performance With Heart - blog post by Steve Cenci, Managing Director Compass Group Healthcare

I occasionally I’ll get asked about Compass Healthcare’s Performance With Heart operating philosophy. What does it represent? What’s it describing? That has given me a timely reason to revisit what we wanted our partners and colleagues to recognise about this unique sector we call Healthcare.
Performance is first and foremost about ‘doing the right things.’ Ensuring that we can deliver on our service commitments to clients, customers and colleagues. Meeting demanding service challenges in a way that absolutely recognises the overall philosophy of all Healthcare professionals, that is, in some way, we are all here to ‘help patients to get well again’. That’s truly Purpose to be proud of. Coming to work and knowing that we can, in some small way, help to save lives is energising and humbling all at once.
Performance in Healthcare cannot simply be services delivered at any cost and in any way, it must recognise the unique environments we work in every day; Acute NHS and Private hospitals as well as Senior Living Care Homes everywhere. Being successful for all our stakeholders whilst absolutely keeping patients and care residents at the very centre of our compass.
That’s where the ‘Heart’ bit comes in. We all recognise the symbolism of a heart. The phrase ‘the beating heart’ of something describes its nucleus. Having ‘Heart’ also implies kindness and empathy which now, more than ever, we all need to display. In our increasingly divided world, kindness can still unite us all and surprise the people we serve and the amazing people we employ.
So by fusing kindness and empathy with a determined focus to consistently get things right for all our stakeholders and colleagues, inevitably led us to ‘Performance with Heart’!

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