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NHS Trusts / 25.11.2020

The Independent Food Review - our response

In light of the recent Independent Food Review, we appreciate that in the current climate, pressure on the NHS is at an all time high and there is much to be discussed surrounding food and the role it plays in patient care and recovery.  

All our hospitals have been successfully reviewed against the recommendations, ensuring we are fully aligned whilst also looking at areas of future improvement and how we can continue to innovate on our client’s behalf to ensure our food offer is optimal and remains a key focus in patient wellbeing and recovery.

With a team of three dedicated and experienced Dieticians, all with a history of working for NHS, we have always made it our mission to ensure patients are provided with a variety of tasty, nutritious meals taking into consideration dietary requirements and allergens as well as the best ingredients to support immune systems and recovery.

Steamplicity, our patient dining solution sets out to provide a range of freshly steamed meals to patients 24 hours a day. Working together with Foodbuy, part of the wider Compass Group, we procure fresh, high-quality ingredients directly through the NHS supply chain. What’s more, the service offers a chance to re-utilize ward-space, with an example being Royal Surrey Hospital, where we were able to release 30-50% kitchen space back to the trust!  

With a suite of tools and strategies, we work hard to maintain the highest level of food service. We work in collaboration with the NHS to enforce government standards and regulations across all of our sites with independent audits to continuously improve and develop our offer. In terms of our sustainability strategy, we have already actioned a considerable cut in our use of plastics and other non-recyclable materials, however, we are constantly reviewing out strategy to move with the times and do more to reduce our carbon footprint, with 92% of our supply chain solely based in the UK only.

In the wake of COVID-19, it has become clear that a ‘pandemic proof’ food offer is imperative to ensure patients can continue to enjoy, tasty, nutritious meals.

Whether it’s over the phone, virtually or face to face, we welcome a conversation with you to discuss your current food strategy and how we can help to support the evolution of your offer based on the recommendations made.

Connect with Brooke Pinkney on 01822 813065 or via email at to start the conversation!



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