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NHS Trusts / Healthcare Retail / 11.02.2020

Working in Partnership To Deliver Fully Funded Solutions to the NHS

The NHS is expected to have to increase ward capacity across its Estate to satisfy the ever increasing demands on the system. Compass Group Healthcare works in partnership with Noviniti Ltd and Catfoss Ltd to address this ever-increasing requirement for additional space.  

As a consortium, we are in a unique position to deliver on the evolving needs of the NHS, regardless of the scale. Each of the companies within our partnership provides an equally essential element of the expansion process.  

Compass Group Healthcare is the acknowledged market leader in the provision of first-class retail facilities across the UK – with 210 retail and catering facilities in 91 hospitals. Our success is driven through excellence of service and constant innovation. We not only provide first class services for patients, staff and visitors but, together with our partners noviniti & Catfoss, deliver innovative retail developments that provide significant revenue and additional space for partner NHS Trusts. 

Noviniti  manages a project from conception to completion, including fully-funded schemes where required, compliant with OJEU procurement legislation. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best, while we concentrate on the detail and delivery.   

Catfoss are a market-leading manufacturer of bespoke & modular buildings; they deliver projects typically 50% quicker than our competitors with minimum on-site disruption. They have recently successfully delivered projects at Derby and Burton Hospitals. Paul Brooks Director of Estates and Facilities commented “Catfoss were appointed as a contractor but quickly became a crucial partner in the delivery of this new facility, this was 100% the right choice company and they are now an integral part of the team delivering the Trusts 5 year estates strategy”  

Benefits to the NHS  

The NHS has evolved beyond all recognition over the past seventy years, however, one of the core principles that the NHS has built its worldwide reputation upon is that ‘We should meet the needs of everyone’ and this philosophy still remains strong today. The Partnership understand this and within our services play a small but vital role in upholding that same principle.

Our clients tell us that our partnership delivers:

  • Innovative and affordable funding solutions
  • Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Best Value
  • Quality   

Most importantly, the use of recognised brands helps normalise the experience of being in an unfamiliar environment and:

  • Provides an important service to staff, visitors and patients
  • Creates a safe and calm space to relax
  • Helps with staff recruitment and retention
  • Supports the NHS in its delivery of 24/7 services
  • Creates a bespoke solution for each site through ongoing dialogue.  
  • Endorsed by Directors of Finance. Loved by patients, staff and visitors  

If you would like to know more about our portfolio of fully funded development solutions across the NHS, call Brooke Pinkney on 01822 813065

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