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Steamplicity meal delivery system: freshly cooked meals that deliver on taste, temperature and choice.

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Compass staff work with our clients to deliver freshly cooked meal solutions that are flexible and provide quality food consistently. 

We understand the pressures that our prospective clients face when searching for a dining solution that delivers nutritious, freshly cooked meals at the point of service but is flexible enough to be served to individuals, small or large groups of people and is available 24 hours a day!
Steamplicity is a meal delivery system that provides quality nutritious food that meets the requirements of its different types of diners all freshly cooked whilst still offering a wide variety of choices. Steamplicity menu offers nutritious steam food for our patients and residents, healthy lunchtime options for staff and visitors and well-balanced meals that support the growth and development of children in schools. All our food ranges are developed with and approved by our Dietetics Team.

our offer /

Steamplicity is a patented micro-steaming system that enables a range of raw and pre-cooked ingredients to be freshly cooked in minutes. The controlled steaming process means more key vitamins are retained when compared to conventional cooking methods. With a low capital outlay the system requires less preparation of meals, less storage of ingredients and less space to deliver a mealtime service. The flexibility of the system means that every solution is tailored and mobilised to the requirements of each of our client’s specific needs.

Patient dining

The Steamplicity Patient Dining system offers NHS trusts a simple way to provide quality steam meals to patients at the point of service. The only fresh steam-cooked food system in the UK Patient Dining market Steamplicity offers the benefits of a plated system with the added advantage of delivering quality food consistently. The flexibility of the system enables order taking to be up to two hours before each mealtime service and patients who miss their meal due to treatment or poor appetite still have the opportunity to have a hot meal outside of the mealtime service. Our steamplicity hospital menu includes only healthy and nutritious food options.

Staff and visitor dining

Steamplicity multi-portion food reduces waste as meals can be freshly cooked to order in 6 – 8 portion quantities reducing the holding time of any dish sold.  It can also be prepared in small spaces with limited facilities. The Steamplicity dining system is flexible enough to be used as a stand-alone dining solution or as part of a blended offer supported by on-site chefs reducing your labour cost. With over 60 main courses and 20 vegetable sides on the menu we pull from popular high street food trends which include comforting favourites, world cuisines, grab and go and healthy plated options which are under 500kcal with less fat, sugar and include one of your five a day.

Residential care dining

A fresh and nutritious dining solution for residents, tenants as well as their friends and families that offers a range of food meeting the specific nutritional requirements of diners whilst still offering choice. Food is cooked to order in minutes, reducing waste and can be made available 24 hours a day. Steamplicity has developed blue dining plates and a range of finger foods for people living with dementia or difficulty using cutlery that are endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Society.  

Primary school education dining

All meals in the range are developed to be nutritionally balanced and to meet the requirements for School Food Regulations 2014. The Steamplicity menu includes at least one portion of wholegrain pasta a week, one or more portion of 60g of vegetables a day and has no more than two fried food options a week. Meals in the range are panelled by children to ensure that we are developing food that children look forward to eating at mealtimes.

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